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Number counting and coloring are two of the useful activities for children, especially for preschool and kindergarten. Color by number (or Paint by number) is a good way that helps children have both these experiences. Through coloring by number worksheets, children can learn to how to recognize basic numbers and different colors. is one of the great resources for parents or children to download and print many printable color by number worksheets for free. We have almost topics for you, from popular Animals to cute Cartoon characters color by number, from beautiful flowers to many plants and fruits color by number, from vehicles to favorite game pictures, and color by numbers for holidays like Christmas, New Year, or Halloween, … Stay with us, new images for paint by numbers will be updated every day!

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Color by Number is a fun activity, almost children and even adults like them. This is an interactive activity designed to teach preschoolers basic math skills as they play with colors.

Coloring by number are magic colorings composed of numbers and numbers corresponding to a specific color. Once the coloring by number is colored properly with the right colors that correspond to each number, the result is MAGIC! It is therefore a good educational way to learn numbers for children in kindergarten and older kids to distinguish the different areas of coloring.

On other ways, color by number is an educational tool that helps kids to learn both math and alphabets. They can learn to do calculations with math color by number in the form of addition or subtraction. They can also learn alphabets with form of coloring by alphabet.

Children should spend time for coloring by number, since they have many benefits as follows:

1. Color by number worksheets are a great way to creativity with early learners.

2. Color and number recognition are very important skills for preschool and kindergarten. Color-by-number experiences offer children additional exposure outside of traditional methods.

3. Train preschoolers to follow directions to do their jobs faster and more efficiently.

4. To develop number perception and color coordination skills, an important part of your baby's learning process.

5. Color by Number help kids to build fine motor skills, which is often another area where children on the spectrum lag behind their same-age peers. Coloring by number allows them to work on fine motor skills in a fun way!

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